Case study

BPme – Driving demand for fuel payment app

BP was launching their new app, a revolutionary service that allowed customers to pay for fuel from their cars, without the need to go to checkout.


While the product was innovative, we wanted to ensure we would properly cut-through – a challenge as Australian media can be sceptical with product heavy content.

Our research shone a light on the pain points motorists feel when they need to pay for their fuel. In a fast-paced, ever hectic society this process is often an inconvenience – especially with kids in tow. The purpose of BPme was to deliver more ease, convenience and time in our lives. However, it had already been announced to market – our challenge was to find fresh ways to create buzz.

BPme: Welcome to Easy – our strategy centred on demonstrating how BPme brings ease and effortlessness to the fuelling process. Fully integrated across earned, owned and paid channels, we engaged well-known and influential personalities across sport, parenting and lifestyle to bring the proposition to life. We also formed a new, 14-week partnership with Channel 9 called Free Fuel Friday, which toured the country and heavily promoted to App.

  • 114 pieces of media coverage
  • 95% of coverage delivering ‘category innovator’ key messaging
  • Uplift in perception for “leading in digital innovation” (against competitors)
  • 1,900 app downloads from Free Fuel Friday; 69% new users to BPme page on website
  • Prompt response from Haystac during out of hours management changed the 5% of negative app reviews to positive