Case study

Dylan Alcott Foundation: Remove The Barrier

Of the 4.3 million Australians who are living with a disability only 54% have permanent employment, with little or no initiatives in place to change this. As a disability advocacy group, the Dylan Alcott Foundation sought not only to raise awareness of the invisible bias facing people with disability in the workplace, but to redefine expectations around their capabilities.


We raised an uncomfortable truth, highlighting that much unemployment is due to the invisible bias of employers and workers, and incorrect and outdated perceptions around the true capabilities of people with disability.

Placing real Australians living with disability at the heart of the campaign, we depicted their experiences through hero video content, earned media interviews, social media, digital and out of home portraits.

Highlighting that hiring people with disability makes good business sense and drawing attention to their abilities got people talking. The initiative launched with the support of major corporations including Nike, ANZ and Medibank.



  • Secured blanket media coverage of the initiative across almost every major Australian news channel, with more than 75 million earned media impressions on a zero dollar spend.
  • Drove a nationwide conversation, with more than 200 businesses reaching out to the Dylan Alcott Foundation to express their interest in hiring and helping people with disability into the workforce.
  • Captured the attention of key stakeholders, with more than 10 interactions with Government agencies who are now looking to ‘Remove the Barrier’.