Case study

Galderma: Empowering beauty in all forms

Consumer perceptions of wellness, beauty, and aging have changed, leading to greater recognition and adoption of aesthetic treatments. This has created demand from new groups, such as men and millennials. Despite this trend, the impact of Covid on personal finances has resulted in a 30% reduction in spending on injectables for current patients. Of these, 50% cited decreased income as the reason for cutting back. According to Galderma Customer Research, 20% of the Australian population is still unfamiliar with these treatments and are currently considering their options. While Galderma has a strong reputation for delivering lasting results, its competitors hold the advantage of being more affordable, making them a more appealing choice for many seeking initial aesthetic treatments.


To succeed with the “considering” segment, Galderma must reduce the time it takes for them to make a decision by providing relevant content at key points in their decision-making process.

Our main objective for this project is to develop “always on” content that stands out amidst the competition, promotes the normalization of aesthetic treatments, and increases consideration for Galderma.

The goal is to guide our audience to the website’s clinic locator so they can schedule an appointment.



  • Since launch, followers have grown by 71% (AUS) and by 53% (NZ)
  • Average total post engagements 2.1% (AUS) and 3.2% (NZ) within the first three months of launch
  • Total post reach increased by 3% (AUS) and 25% (NZ)  from September to December
  • Average overall reach rate across both channels is 14%