Case study

Hort Innovation: Communicating innovation

Dentsu Creative Public Relations manages communications for several industries through Hort Innovation, the grower-owned, not-for-profit Research & Development Corporation (RDC) for Australia’s horticulture industry. Hort Innovation invests more than $120 million in R&D, marketing and trade programs on behalf of industry.


DCPR develops and delivers the communications programs for Australia’s nursery and garden, turf, and papaya industries and we have previously worked with the olive and onion industries.

We work with leading researchers and marketers to inform levy payers of the latest developments in areas including biosecurity, pest and disease management, extension and marketing initiatives.


Levy payers and the broader supply chains have excellent awareness of the investments being made and growers are implementing practice change in their own businesses as a result.

For the recently completed Nursery Industry Communications Project 2019-2022, we achieved:

  • 49% increase in Facebook followers (5,973 to 8,878)
  • 29% of growers have adopted practice change on their business throughout the project
  • Core outputs of the program including fact sheets, nursery papers, newsletters and case studied have been identified as relevant by at least 75% of growers