Case study

VFF: Open Gate Conversations

Sparked by vegan activists blocking tram tracks in Melbourne’s CBD in 2019, a new campaign designed and delivered by Dentsu Creative Public Relations (DCPR) is building community understanding of agriculture in Victoria.


Working with the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) and Agriculture Victoria, DCPR is managing a campaign to demonstrate the high-quality standards of agriculture in Victoria and increase understanding and trust of agriculture amongst the Victorian community.

Our key campaign device is Open Gate Conversations – an initiative that encourages consumers to ask any question they wish about farming, and we find a farmer to answer the question. We know the VFF, individual farm industries and Agriculture Victoria have good answers to the most challenging questions, and through careful campaign moderation, we can demonstrate transparency, and build trust and engagement.

Open Gate Conversations is an integrated digital, social, print, PR and stakeholder campaign aimed at opening up conversations between Victorian consumers and farmers. In short, we’re helping bring consumers and farmers closer together on issues of animal welfare, food quality and climate change.


The campaign was launched in early July by President of the VFF Emma Germano, campaign ambassador Gorgi Coghlan and Victorian Minister for Agriculture Mary-Anne Thomas.

Interactions between members of the public, the campaign platform, and Victoria’s farmers, is building a resource base of unique farmer perspectives on questions from members of the public.