Case study

Nature’s Own – Nature Week 2022

We revealed the country’s behavioural and cognitive disconnect when it came to sustainability habits and attitudes, leveraging this opportunity to establish Nature’s Own’s eco-brand purpose.


Australians rank sustainability as an important factor when it comes to choosing between brands. While this trend is growing across all industries, it is particularly pertinent for brands operating within the health and wellness space. In fact, 80%* of all VMS buyers claim to seek out brands that actively protect nature and uphold sustainability values.

Despite such purchasing motivation, 1 in 2 Australians do not actively participate in sustainable habits themselves.
Our strategy centred on leveraging the growing movement of sustainability by showcasing Nature’s Own’s sustainability pathway and partnership with Greening Australia, while providing actionable, daily lifestyle tips to help consumers be more sustainable in the home.

To bring this to life, we created a week-long awareness campaign, ‘Nature Week’, supported by our Nature Report research and owned assets. This 40-page report examined in depth the attitudes of Australians when it came to spending time in and protecting nature at home, at work, and in their communities.

Via a compelling media relations and national case study program, we sparked meaningful conversations on Australia’s true attitudes towards nature and our sustainability habits, while also bolstering Nature’s Own’s position as an eco-leader in the vitamins, and broader health, space.



  • 30+ pieces of combined coverage across print, online, broadcast, and radio
  • 2,970,000+ million combined earned media reach across metro, regional print and online, radio, and broadcast
  • 3.2 million reach through social media channels including owned and campaign case study