Case study

Skyscanner: transforming data into stories

After two years of international borders closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia was ready to open the world. And the entire industry was getting ready to comment on it: airlines, travel agencies/platforms, airport operators and hospitality wanted to ensure their space as a leading voice of this relevant milestone. We needed to ensure that Skyscanner was ahead of the crowd, providing the media with insights and tailored pitches.


We built a data-led press office operation to leverage unique information that only Skyscanner could own.

Day in and out, our team transformed data into lifestyle and travel stories that cut through for their relevance and connection to cultural moments.


In a year, we secured 290x pieces of coverage, 74% on tier one media, with a combined reach of over 417 million.

Special milestones where Skyscanner was the leading industry voice providing commentary and information included the reopening of borders in Australia (45x pieces of coverage) and Japan (27x stories published).