Case study

Aware Super: Corporate Communications

Previously known as First State Super, Aware Super is now one of Australia’s largest funds and continuing to grow. Aware Super’s members work in roles that breathe life into their communities, essential workers on the frontline as teachers, nurses, doctors, police etc. Aware Super invest in assets that they believe will make a positive difference today – improving our communities, building a more a sustainable economy and supporting employment both locally and globally at the same time as providing strong long-term returns.


Dentsu Creative Public Relations has worked with Aware Super for more than three years, to establish it as a leading fund by developing proactive communication strategies to gain and retain the Fund’s social licence to operate and engage media, community and stakeholders in CSR initiatives.

Dentsu Creative Public Relations has ingrained itself as an extension of Aware Super’s External Affairs Team, working with the leadership team, key stakeholder, media and partners to a develop a holistic communication program that incorporates owned, earned and paid channels.

Activity includes an integrated mix of traditional public relations, corporate communications, government relations, issues management, content creation, digital marketing and event management.


Highlight activity during Dentsu Creative Public Relations’ tenure with Aware Super includes:

  • Execution of a Media Round Table for Gender Equality attended by tier one media outlets such as the Australian Financial Review, The Australian, Money Magazine and Sydney Morning Herald
  • A national 2-minute segment secured on Channel 10 to support the Fund’s ‘Gold Medal Moments’ campaign and 2020 Olympics sponsorship
  • Three Housing Affordability launch events successfully coordinated with key government officials, media targets, dignitaries and stakeholders
  • Aware Super is now more well know than its competitors in recent focus group testing.