Case study

Celebrate with Patties Pies: The Ultimate Party Treat

The first major brand awareness campaign for Patties Party Pies was launched in April through a comprehensive marketing effort. The aim of the campaign was to highlight how party pies bring fun and excitement to any occasion, positioning them as “Made for Party People.” The campaign encouraged consumers to celebrate everyday moments as a “Reason to Party.”


With a focus on social media for food inspiration, millennials are increasingly turning to these platforms for solutions and utility.

To better align with their social media consumption habits, the campaign aimed to target socially conscious millennials who host parties and view themselves as trendsetters.

These individuals, who are either single or couples without children, may have had a prior perception of Patties Party Pies as unsophisticated or inappropriate to serve to their guests.

The objective was to challenge this perception and demonstrate that Patties finger food is a key component in creating a fun and unforgettable gathering.

The goal was to inspire these millennials to incorporate Patties as a staple in their entertaining and position themselves as trendsetters among their social circles.



  • 21k link clicks
  • 32.9m impressions
  • 62% reach
  • 59 reasons to party