With 250+ collective years of experience plus in-house journalists and TV producers, we know what works, how to craft a story, pivot-sell when needed and get results in any vertical. We don’t just build contact lists, we nurture relationships with a regular program of media meets among our 75+ consultants. We understand the news agenda and have processes and tools to ensure we have our finger on the pulse of what’s shaping culture and the social climate.

Dairy Australia: Dairy Destinations

Have Australians re-appraise the value of dairy by highlighting award winning dairy products and their source of origin, encouraging Australians to explore the sights and tastes of Australia’s dairy industry.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Nature’s Own: Nature Week 2022

We revealed the country’s behavioural and cognitive disconnect when it came to sustainability habits and attitudes, leveraging this opportunity to establish Nature’s Own’s eco-brand purpose.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Taronga Ventures & Real Tech Investment Fund: A Digital Revolution in every aspect of Real Estate

Taronga Ventures invests in emerging innovation, technology and business models shaping the future of the built environment.
August 3, 2021/by David Bowie

Equifax: becoming a leading voice in the financial sector

Equifax empowers people to live their financial best. With this strong drive, the company wanted to increase its share of voice and reach as many Australians as possible.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Department of Social Services: Stop it at The Start – Phase 4

Behaviour is observable, complex and determined by a range of factors, from personal experiences, the surrounding environment, fears and individual motivation and capability.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Defence Force Recruiting: Public Affairs Services

Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) has a proud history of recruiting the right people, in the right numbers, at the right time.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Citipower Powercor: Integrated communications support

CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy provide power to 66% of Victorian households. Their Corporate Affairs team recognised that much of their PR activity was of a reactive nature, given the issues-rich environment.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Skyscanner: transforming data into stories

Skyscanner has always been a travel company that puts its customers first. When Australians were ready to get back travelling, the company was ready to support this new moment.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Department of Health: COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

As COVID-19 evolved into a global pandemic, it became clear that mass vaccination was a key public health tool to ‘flatten the curve’ and protect the community.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Dairy Australia: Doing it like the Dairy-atrics

Dairy Australia's purpose is to support the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming, ultimately promoting dairy consumption across Australia.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Greenlife Industry Australia: Plant Pals – a greenlife community

During COVID-19 the demand for greenlife increased, creating a number of opportunities and challenges for Australia’s nursery industry.
August 3, 2021/by David Bowie

Aware Super: Corporate Communications

Previously known as First State Super, Aware Super is now one of Australia’s largest funds and continuing to grow. Aware Super’s members work in roles that breathe life into their communities, essential workers on the frontline as teachers, nurses, doctors, police etc.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

Dylan Alcott Foundation: Remove The Barrier

Of the 4.3 million Australians who are living with a disability only 54% have permanent employment, with little or no initiatives in place to change this.
February 14, 2023/by David Bowie

RAS of NSW: The Show goes on

For 25 years, the Dentsu Creative Public Relations team has managed the media and PR strategy for the Sydney Royal Easter Show (the Show), one of Australia’s biggest annual events.
July 21, 2021/by David Bowie

Sara Lee – 50 Year Anniversary

Driving awareness and brand advocacy for Sara Lee, in particular around 50 years in the Australian market.
February 24, 2023/by David Bowie

Farmbot: Cutting edge on-farm AgTech

Farmbot is a remote water monitoring start-up that is growing exponentially.
July 21, 2021/by David Bowie